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Discover a Diverse Selection of organic tea

With a diverse selection, including immunity-boosting teas, energizing blends, and comforting winter teas, every cup will confirm you’ve made the ideal choice.

Green and Black Teas for an Energy Boost

At Magazinul Natiei, you’ll find a wide range of herbal teas. From classic green teas like Green Apple and Sancha (found in Green Energy), to complex blends like Cold Season Boost, where apple perfectly combines with ginger and anise to create a drink that warms even the coldest winter nights. For a morning energy boost, try Morning Chai, a mix of Assam black tea and spices, perfect for replacing your morning coffee.

Two Varieties of Ginger Tea

If you enjoy the sweet-spicy flavor of ginger, you have two organic options: Ginger Lemon, a blend of ginger tea, lemongrass, and rooibos, or Orange Ginger, which combines apple, orange peel, and cardamom.

Herbal Teas for Digestive Comfort

For digestive health, herbal teas like linden and mint, mint tea, thyme tea from Bon Appetit, and the mix of mallow, cumin, and anise in Stomach Elixir are highly recommended.

Calming Teas for Relaxation and a Restful Sleep

When going through stressful times, suffering from insomnia, or having trouble sleeping, a cup of calming or relaxation tea can be the perfect solution to face challenges without resorting to medication.

Support Starea Natiei productions

Support Starea Natiei productions with any purchase of organic tea from the store, through a donation on the website, or by filling out a form to redirect 3.5% of your income tax.